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UPDATED For The 2019-2020 Season

DreamLand is a WONDERFUL place to host your next birthday party!  

 As the Yorkton DreamCentre is a Not-For-Profit organization,  it is our goal to make DreamLand accessible to everyone, regardless of financial ability.  For this reason, there is no charge to attend, nor a charge to book a party.The sustainability of DreamLand depends on your generosity. 
Most questions can be answered below. 
Please review the following items to ensure that it is the best event possible!

 NOTE:  NO PARTIES WILL BE BOOKED BY PHONE OR BY FACEBOOK but ONLY WHEN WAIVERS(with deposits) ARE RECEIVED. Have questions? Call: #306-621-4669

1) We DO NOT rent out DreamLand EXCLUSIVELY for birthdays, but share the space so everyone can play.  If you are a church group, a youth group, special needs group (etc.) we are open to hosting special events just for you.  Please contact us for details.

2) BOOKINGS: Birthday parties are held during the regular operational hours of DreamLand. There are two rooms available to book: Room #1 and Room #2, with designated hours for each. The ROOM is your private, enclosed space, set aside exclusively for your group and party activities, but the play area is shared with all users.  

*Subject to change*
(DreamCentre office is open throughout the week)
SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY DreamLand is closed

10am -2pm 
Evening 6pm-8pm

10am -2pm, 
 Evening 6pm-8pm

Saturday:  11:00am - 4:00pm

Birthday Party Times for Saturday: 

                                                          NEW 9-11 am (Rm#2)                                             11-1p.m. - Rm #1 11:30-1:30 p.m. - Rm #2  1:30 - 3:30 p.m. - Rm #1 2-4 p.m. - Rm #2

3) DEPOSIT REQUIRED:  In order to ensure that a party that is booked, keeps the booking, a *refundable $100 deposit must accompany the booking waiver.  Cash or Cheques (payable to YDC or YORKTON DREAMCENTRE) requested.  PLEASE NOTE: if anyone is unable to provide a deposit, PLEASE contact our office and we would be more than willing to work with you. 

If you are unable to keep your birthday booking, please call YDC as soon as possible to let us know. There are many others waiting for the space. We will be happy to try and accommodate a different date for you.  

A "no show",  or less than 48 hours notice, 
will result in a retained deposit.


As part of our Christian mission and purpose to provide a play place that is within everyone's reach financially, DREAMLAND operates by DONATIONS.  We request a MINIMUM donation of $100.00 per booking.   
THIS DOES NOT include the cost of socks, which are $3/pair (keep them and re-use).    
As in the past, we want to make DreamLand available for everyone.  Please talk to us if you need to make other arrangements.   

5) BOOKING PROCESS:  To begin the booking process: 
     A) PLEASE COMPLETE the Birthday Party Waiver Form
         PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to have a DROPBOX  account to open the folder.  Please read the instructions on the page.   

         PICK UP a copy at DreamLand  (The Yorkton DreamCentre on 244 Myrtle Ave)

 B) RETURN the completed waiver along with the deposit 
  •  in person The Yorkton DreamCentre (YDC) 244 Myrtle Ave 


  •  by mail The Yorkton DreamCentre 
                   244 Myrtle Ave 
                   Yorkton SK, S3N 1R4 
  •  by email 


     C) When received, we will review availability for the   date you wish to book and then call or email you a confirmation

 AGAIN...if you are unable to print the waiver at home, waivers ARE available at YDC.  

6) There is a child/supervisor ratio of 1 to 3. Please keep this in mind when planning the number of children to invite. All children must be actively supervised in the play area, at ALL times.

7) Outside food is permissible in designated areas of YDC. NO ALCOHOL of any kind is permitted within the facility at any time.

PLEASE, for ENVIRONMENTAL REASONS use reusable plates and cutlery or paper products!  NO STYROFOAM. Recycle station provided for all recycle-ables.

8) Use of the kitchen and it's appliances is permissible. Must be clean before leaving.

9) All areas used within YDC must be returned to the same condition you found them, when you leave (wash tables, vacuum area) It is the objective of the staff of DreamLand to see that your experience is as positive as possible. Please feel free to ask them for assistance if the need arises.

10) All Children are required to wear APEX jump socks at DreamLand.  The cost is only $3.00/pair and you can keep them after you buy them.  WHY??? These "jump socks not only aid in maintaining a sanitary environment, but also improve safety and enjoyment with their rubber gripped soles. The rubber grips give everyone the solid footing they need".  

They will be for sale at DreamLand unless you already have a pair from Apex in Saskatoon.   This is a one time purchase as you can reuse them each time.

H A P P Y    B I  R T H D A Y - We look forward to hosting you!

DreamLand Administrative Staff

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